A Letter From A Missionary Family To Their Brethren

Just a letter from us to everyone who is interested in the work we are doing in Panama. It has not been easy, but we are thankful for the opportunity and blessing to do it.

Why Me?

Did you ever ask yourself that question? I did. As a matter of fact, I did it many times during my life. Being honest, before I started to write this article I asked that question, and then, decided to start writing. I can assure that, probably, a 99% of the times I asked that question was because something wrong happened to me, or might be happening to me. But, this article is not about me, but about what causes each one of us to ask ourselves that question.

The Prayer That God Hears

Many people around the world believe in the power of prayer, and certainly the prayer is powerful, but it should be noted that the Word of God teaches us that He does not hear the prayers of all, but only the ones from the righteous ones, and we will briefly study on this statement that I have just made.

Adoption: A Blessing from God

Adoption is not an easy neither cheap process. Hours of study, research, planning, and many other efforts are dedicated by couples who want to have the opportunity to rear a child after trying so hard to bear their own. God has the desire that we come back to him, to adopt us. Hope this article helps as many as possible to realize the great love that God has for us.

Catching Flies with Honey

Where in the Bible do we find “go ye into all the world, and attack with the gospel to every creature”? The answer is simple, nowhere. But, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” is said by the Lord to the disciples as recorded by the inspired Mark (Mark 16:15). The Greek form ηρύσσω (kērussō) translated as “preach” in this passage simply means “to herald (as a public crier), especially divine truth (the gospel)”

Looking for Laborers

Dear reader, the job posting is open, but, you must be in the building. Not a literal building that was constructed by the hands of man, but the spiritual building that Jesus bought with His own blood (Acts 20:28), His church, His body (Ephesians 1:22-23).

A Tough Day

Almost three months ago, Sonia Venegas, my mother had a heart surgery as per her doctor’s request. She was diagnosed with diabetes several years ago, and that turned into neuropathy a few years later. We all knew that this surgery will be very difficult and that it might have some complications, but she trusted in her doctor, and the procedure was made. Today, she died around 2:15 am. She was 57 years old.