Five Reasons To Come To Christ

While there are many reasons to come to Christ, in this sermon were covered five reasons, using as points part of the chorus of a hymn that we often sing, “Just as I am I come broken”

What Is A Missionary?

While people might give up on the missionary, while the missionary might give up on himself, God did not give up, He gave Himself for all of us, and the opportunity that we have today to be saved! That, without a doubt, must be the motivation of a faithful Christian who wants to preach the message of salvation to every soul on this planet.

A Right Often Omitted

I preached this sermon while I was still at Memphis School of Preaching, one of my last chapel sermons

Preach the … What?

It is Sunday morning, the brethren are all set, sitting in their chairs or pews waiting to listen for the message that the preacher is about to deliver. When the preacher opens his mouth, he starts talking about…. What?

Be Content

Dear reader, Paul knew what he lost, but he also knew what he gained. He learned how to live in riches and how to live in necessity. He learned all of that because he understood that Christ is everything we need to live a satisfactory life.


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