Digging Deep Into God’s Word – Great Escapes M1 (Spanish)

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This is one of the many blessings we are so thankful to our heavenly Father on having the opportunity to do. The Bible clearly teaches us how Jesus Christ came to this world to serve and how that same attitude must be in all of us, Christians, as God’s faithful children (Philippians 2:3-11). We are God’s servants and we must never forget that.

Sister Cindy Colley has been working hard for several years on bringing the “Digging Deep in God’s Word” studies to English speaking sisters and there have been great results. These studies are not only for preacher’s wives, but for every Christian lady, and this year, it helps also those who have not confessed the beautiful name of our Savior and obeyed the Gospel yet. For those ladies who would like to watch sister Colley’s podcast for this year study “Great Escapes”, particularly the first month, can go to this link https://livestream.com/whcoc/for-women.

For our Spanish speaking sisters, Jacky Retana and Jenni Chaves recorded the very first “Profundizando” video. As we are still not ready to do podcasts, the video was edited and uploaded to YouTube. Hope this small contribution from us can help as many sisters and ladies around the world to realize how powerful the blood of Christ is. To Him be all Glory.

God bless you richly dear sisters!

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