Getting Rid of the “Wiseguy” Attitude

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Below these lines is the video recording of the message that I was blessed to preach yesterday. “Juega Vivo” is a phrase that is used plenty in Panama, and, most of the time, is not a good thing. Certainly, it is something that Christians must not do, but sometimes, we see it happen, probably, because of the culture of the country. It might happen in other countries too.

We hope, and pray, this not to be the case of our brethren, but, if it happens, it is also good to see some biblical cases that can help us to realize of what must be our attitude.

The sermon in manuscript form (and in English) is attached as a document in this post.

God bless you my dear brethren!

Manuscript: Sermon-GettingRidOfTheWiseguyAttitude

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