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A Bookworm or a Doer?

Do you know who was Isaac Asimov? He was an American writer and biochemist, highly successful in the science and science fiction areas. If you have been able to watch movies about robots, you might recall the “three Laws of Robotics”. He is the father of those. But he was also an atheist.

A Very Expensive Screw

What do a preacher and a screw have in common? You may say, “probably nothing”, but I would certainly love if you take the time to read this article.

21st Century Glasses

The Twenty-First Century glasses are as good to do the work than the First-Century glasses. We have the same Master, we have the same Great Commission, we just have different tools to use in our current era. So, let us use them wisely.

Preacher, Do Not Belittle Your Brethren

To a Christian, to serve God is not just a simple ambition, but a duty, and not just a duty, a duty with thankfulness (Colossians 3:17). Everything we do must be with the sole objective of pleasing, honoring, and glorifying God (Colossians 3:23). Despising a brother or sister in Christ does not help us to do any of those three actions.

Catching Flies with Honey

Where in the Bible do we find “go ye into all the world, and attack with the gospel to every creature”? The answer is simple, nowhere. But, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” is said by the Lord to the disciples as recorded by the inspired Mark (Mark 16:15). The Greek form ηρύσσω (kērussō) translated as “preach” in this passage simply means “to herald (as a public crier), especially divine truth (the gospel)”

Rescuers Of Love

The Song of Solomon, from the thousand and five he wrote, is the one that the Holy Spirit inspired to be part of the Scriptures. Of the thousand women that Solomon had as wives and concubines, one is the dedicated in this beautiful love story, yes, as you read, this song is about a beautiful love story that needs not only to be told and read, but also taught in every marriage.

Wearing Many Hats

During our short time in our ministry in Panama, this author has been missionary, preacher, and teacher, but at the same time, video editor, graphic designer, writer, event organizer, programmer, web designer, analyst, planner, social media community manager, translator, children entertainer, proofreader, cameraman, photographer, counselor, waiter, janitor, and certainly, I cannot remember others while I write.