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The Work Of Satan – To Take Away The Word From The Heart

I had the honor and blessing to preach at Iglesia de Cristo en Vista Hermosa this past Sunday on the topic “The Work of Satan: To Take Away The Word From The Heart” based on the first type of soil described by our Lord Jesus Christ in the “Parable of the Sower”. T

The Excitement: From Courtship to Marriage

Marriage is a wonderful thing. The marriage just as God instituted. Blessings come from it. There might be some ups and downs sometimes, but is a beautiful experience.

Our Hope

Yesterday we said goodbye to 2017, and as many people around the world, we set goals for this new year. I was honored and blessed to preach God’s Word at Iglesia de Cristo en Arraiján just a couple of hours before the year ended, and we received 2018 with the brethren there.

Christmas and the Christian

In Latin America, Christmas is not liked by many Christians because of being an event of pagan origin, and because it is a celebration not authorized nor commanded by God in His Word. But, how should the Christian observe/celebrate Christmas?

Be Thankful

I was blessed to preach this sermon, the first time I did, at Willette church of Christ in Red Boiling Springs, TN. The brethren there have been great with us since we started our studies at Memphis, and have been one of our supporters since then. We are thankful to everyone who has believed in the work that we do for the Lord.

Getting Rid of the “Wiseguy” Attitude

Below these lines is the video recording of the message that I was blessed to preach yesterday. “Juega Vivo” is a phrase that is used plenty in Panama, and, most of the time, is not a good thing. Certainly, it is something that Christians must not do, but sometimes, we see it happen, probably, because of the culture of the country. It might happen in other countries too.

Restoration Is Now!

During the First Quarter at MSOP, Second Year students, learn about the Restoration Movement, and the great efforts that faithful men did in order to restore New Testament Christianity. As part of that class, they are required to deliver a message on the life of one of those men, and the Biblical application that we can learn from their service to the Lord. Being at the Missions program, I decided to present this sermon on how Restoration is still active today, and did some research on how the church came to Panama.