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    Previous Newsletters

    This section contains the archive of the newsletters that have been and will be published by us.

    04/30/2020A Time of Transitions2020-02.pdf
    03/13/2020A Very Busy Time, Indeed!2020-01.pdf
    11/20/2019All Souls Matter2019-08.pdf
    09/10/2019Seeking To Be Diligent2019-07.pdf
    07/31/2019The Good News of Jesus Christ2019-06.pdf
    05/10/2019New Place, New Opportunities2019-05.pdf
    04/30/2019A Good "Problem"2019-04.pdf
    03/27/2019Learning Together2019-03.pdf
    02/20/2019God Is Opening Doors2019-02.pdf
    01/24/2019We Did It!2019-01.pdf
    12/22/2018Happy Holidays2018-09.pdf
    11/21/2018Happy Thanksgiving2018-08.pdf
    10/15/2018The Biggest Challenge Of My Life2018-07.pdf
    9/11/2018Be Ye Strong2018-06.pdf
    7/31/2018Be Ye Stedfast2018-05.pdf
    6/12/2018Love To Be Busy For The Lord2018-04.pdf
    4/30/2018Thank You For Your Help and Patience2018-03.pdf
    3/7/2018Getting Busy, Very Busy2018-02.pdf
    1/25/2018A New Year2018-01.pdf
    12/15/2017No Pain, No Gain2017-12.pdf
    11/15/2017Hard Times2017-11.pdf
    10/4/2017There Is Much To Do2017-10.pdf
    9/5/2017A Busy Month2017-09.pdf
    8/1/2017Never Give Up2017-08.pdf
    6/20/2017Living In Panama2017-06.pdf
    5/13/2017Our Journey Started Earler2017-05.pdf
    4/4/2017Our First Newsletter2017-04.pdf